S&P 500   4,298.86
DOW   33,876.78
QQQ   354.50
3 EV Stocks You Need To Have On Your Watchlist
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How to Choose a Brokerage Account or Online Broker
Will Plug Power’s Deal With Energy Vault Move The Needle? 
S&P 500   4,298.86
DOW   33,876.78
QQQ   354.50
3 EV Stocks You Need To Have On Your Watchlist
"Unknown laser company making HUGE profit from Russia-Ukraine War" (Ad)
Will NIO Partake In China's Economic Awakening?
BJ's Restaurants' Approaching Buy Point As Earnings Surge 150%
66,000% upside on tiny biotech? (Ad)
Cactus Opens The Cash Flow Wellhead With Flexsteel Acquisition 
Tax Software Specialist Vertex In Buy Zone After Base Breakout
Trade Smarter: Discover Hidden Opportunities w/ A.I. (Ad)
How to Choose a Brokerage Account or Online Broker
Will Plug Power’s Deal With Energy Vault Move The Needle? 
S&P 500   4,298.86
DOW   33,876.78
QQQ   354.50
3 EV Stocks You Need To Have On Your Watchlist
"Unknown laser company making HUGE profit from Russia-Ukraine War" (Ad)
Will NIO Partake In China's Economic Awakening?
BJ's Restaurants' Approaching Buy Point As Earnings Surge 150%
66,000% upside on tiny biotech? (Ad)
Cactus Opens The Cash Flow Wellhead With Flexsteel Acquisition 
Tax Software Specialist Vertex In Buy Zone After Base Breakout
Trade Smarter: Discover Hidden Opportunities w/ A.I. (Ad)
How to Choose a Brokerage Account or Online Broker
Will Plug Power’s Deal With Energy Vault Move The Needle? 
S&P 500   4,298.86
DOW   33,876.78
QQQ   354.50
3 EV Stocks You Need To Have On Your Watchlist
"Unknown laser company making HUGE profit from Russia-Ukraine War" (Ad)
Will NIO Partake In China's Economic Awakening?
BJ's Restaurants' Approaching Buy Point As Earnings Surge 150%
66,000% upside on tiny biotech? (Ad)
Cactus Opens The Cash Flow Wellhead With Flexsteel Acquisition 
Tax Software Specialist Vertex In Buy Zone After Base Breakout
Trade Smarter: Discover Hidden Opportunities w/ A.I. (Ad)
How to Choose a Brokerage Account or Online Broker
Will Plug Power’s Deal With Energy Vault Move The Needle? 

Oversold Stocks (RSI)

This page lists oversold stocks according to their Relative Strength Index (RSI), which is a momentum indicator used in technical analysis. RSI measures the magnitude and speed of a public company's recent price changes to evaluate overvalued or undervalued conditions in the price of that company.

Learn more about trading oversold stocks.

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Media sentiment refers to the percentage of positive news stories versus negative news stories a company has received in the past week.
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CompanyCurrent PriceRSIPE RatioMarket CapVolumeAverage VolumeIndicator(s)
Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. stock logo
Air Products and Chemicals
2.4228.49$61.88 billion881,8831.00 millionPositive News
Infosys Limited stock logo
3.5921.76$63.87 billion8.37 million8.64 million
Laboratory Co. of America Holdings stock logo
Laboratory Co. of America
5.0519.75$19.56 billion447,173583,059
Watsco, Inc. stock logo
5.1722.94$13.60 billion242,424417,087Options Volume
Positive News
Medifast, Inc. stock logo
5.896.23$892.64 million143,103167,081Analyst Upgrade
Waters Co. stock logo
6.3221.67$14.76 billion452,798533,723
Generac Holdings Inc. stock logo
7.8629.79$7.26 billion553,876806,197
Sunrun Inc. stock logo
8.89267.90$4.14 billion6.44 million8.86 millionInsider Selling
Stride, Inc. stock logo
9.1115.80$1.79 billion234,063283,737
Freeport-McMoRan Inc. stock logo
10.4321.17$54.24 billion9.25 million11.99 millionAnalyst Downgrade
New Fortress Energy Inc. stock logo
New Fortress Energy
10.5359.62$6.15 billion1.66 million1.54 millionAnalyst Downgrade
News Coverage
Interactive Brokers Group, Inc. stock logo
Interactive Brokers Group
11.0218.05$33.34 billion659,185676,568Analyst Revision
News Coverage
Albertsons Companies, Inc. stock logo
Albertsons Companies
11.589.59$11.95 billion1.75 million4.02 millionPositive News
Seneca Foods Co. stock logo
Seneca Foods
11.697.78$373.90 million16,39222,834
TFI International Inc. stock logo
TFI International
11.8212.02$9.24 billion252,555196,689News Coverage
Quest Diagnostics Incorporated stock logo
Quest Diagnostics
12.4319.85$15.20 billion665,095909,958Analyst Revision
Tesla, Inc. stock logo
12.5371.88$744.39 billion199.89 million132.93 millionInsider Selling
Gap Up
Becton, Dickinson and Company stock logo
Becton, Dickinson and
12.5347.19$70.86 billion1.33 million1.19 million
eBay Inc. stock logo
12.8338.18$24.39 billion5.05 million4.67 millionAnalyst Downgrade
OraSure Technologies, Inc. stock logo
OraSure Technologies
13.0013.49$396.35 million647,482724,776Analyst Downgrade
News Coverage
Linde plc stock logo
13.0640.04$177.61 billion1.12 million1.47 million
Sonic Automotive, Inc. stock logo
Sonic Automotive
13.7571.50$1.65 billion220,493294,240News Coverage
Positive News
Credit Suisse X-Links Gold Shares Covered Call ETN stock logo
Credit Suisse X-Links Gold Shares Covered Call ETN
13.89184.40$57.52 million1,4725,166Dividend Increase
First Trust Dow Jones International Internet ETF stock logo
First Trust Dow Jones International Internet ETF
14.2118.70$30.77 million7107,121
Church & Dwight Co., Inc. stock logo
Church & Dwight
14.2956.33$22.92 billion1.11 million1.57 million
Open Lending Co. stock logo
Open Lending
14.4423.93$1.30 billion638,267729,606Positive News
TechTarget, Inc. stock logo
14.5231.63$1.02 billion179,894262,297Positive News
Abbott Laboratories stock logo
Abbott Laboratories
14.7530.91$176.83 billion4.28 million5.08 millionDividend Announcement
Analyst Revision
First Trust NASDAQ Clean Edge Green Energy Index Fund stock logo
First Trust NASDAQ Clean Edge Green Energy Index Fund
14.7735.90$1.56 billion94,392141,465
Medpace Holdings, Inc. stock logo
15.0226.31$6.76 billion383,662261,824Positive News
Nelnet, Inc. stock logo
15.0215.20$3.75 billion44,01945,028Positive News
CorVel Co. stock logo
15.0553.14$3.49 billion17,60233,560Insider Selling
Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. stock logo
Check Point Software Technologies
15.0619.26$14.96 billion1.22 million926,681Analyst Revision
News Coverage
Pinnacle West Capital Co. stock logo
Pinnacle West Capital
15.4019.75$9.15 billion794,739850,670Analyst Report
Air Transport Services Group, Inc. stock logo
Air Transport Services Group
15.519.56$1.33 billion4.27 million587,152Positive News
High Trading Volume
NextEra Energy Partners, LP stock logo
NextEra Energy Partners
16.2116.72$5.61 billion868,285661,933Analyst Revision
News Coverage
Positive News
Xylem Inc. stock logo
16.2653.52$19.70 billion1.76 million3.61 million
Graco Inc. stock logo
16.6329.08$13.96 billion570,122978,816Analyst Revision
Cirrus Logic, Inc. stock logo
Cirrus Logic
16.9925.03$4.23 billion446,739471,654Analyst Revision
News Coverage
Danaher Co. stock logo
17.1725.36$173.71 billion1.82 million3.30 million
Key Tronic Co. stock logo
Key Tronic
17.3212.09$61.99 million21,38124,030Positive News
FTAI Aviation Ltd. stock logo
FTAI Aviation
17.7796.17$2.93 billion628,2291.14 millionNews Coverage
Catalent, Inc. stock logo
17.8017.17$7.02 billion4.49 million4.68 million
Canadian Solar Inc. stock logo
Canadian Solar
17.928.39$2.51 billion1.29 million1.48 million
Expeditors International of Washington, Inc. stock logo
Expeditors International of Washington
18.0915.09$17.80 billion1.19 million1.23 million
Genie Energy Ltd. stock logo
Genie Energy
18.314.50$370.69 million84,540139,807Positive News
IDEX Co. stock logo
18.4526.80$15.68 billion251,803489,223
Align Technology, Inc. stock logo
Align Technology
18.5575.17$23.47 billion484,571914,469
Costco Wholesale Co. stock logo
Costco Wholesale
18.7238.32$230.45 billion1.28 million2.06 millionAnalyst Revision
Saia, Inc. stock logo
18.7322.21$8.09 billion387,284297,740News Coverage
Cameco Co. stock logo
19.08106.07$13.26 billion2.55 million4.76 millionAnalyst Upgrade
Options Volume
Wipro Limited stock logo
19.1918.31$26.08 billion1.25 million1.50 million
First Trust Dorsey Wright Momentum & Low Volatility ETF
19.2220.31$58.79 million9,95612,521
Trane Technologies plc stock logo
Trane Technologies
19.3522.83$40.34 billion1.02 million1.29 millionDividend Announcement
McCormick & Company, Incorporated stock logo
McCormick & Company, Incorporated
19.3836.71$24.18 billion693,1571.46 millionAnalyst Upgrade
News Coverage
Patterson Companies, Inc. stock logo
Patterson Companies
19.3813.78$2.70 billion483,062555,172
Autohome Inc. stock logo
19.3913.67$3.78 billion651,345573,712Positive News
AutoNation, Inc. stock logo
19.485.78$6.62 billion355,147478,469Insider Selling
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. stock logo
Thermo Fisher Scientific
19.4933.78$198.74 billion1.04 million1.66 million
C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc. stock logo
C.H. Robinson Worldwide
19.5214.45$10.62 billion1.18 million1.17 millionAnalyst Revision
First Trust International IPO ETF stock logo
First Trust International IPO ETF
19.8713.62$235.05 million11,49935,535Positive News
Canadian National Railway stock logo
Canadian National Railway
19.9118.94$76.36 billion1.01 million1.11 million
Cambium Networks Co. stock logo
Cambium Networks
20.0017.49$475.20 million270,806100,658Analyst Revision
News Coverage
High Trading Volume
Central Garden & Pet stock logo
Central Garden & Pet
20.0018.19$2.10 billion31,79849,455News Coverage
Hannon Armstrong Sustainable Infrastructure Capital, Inc. stock logo
Hannon Armstrong Sustainable Infrastructure Capital
20.01116.39$2.35 billion647,4311.53 million
Herbalife Ltd. stock logo
20.024.72$1.23 billion1.87 million1.50 millionAnalyst Upgrade
News Coverage
SAP SE stock logo
20.0374.15$157.13 billion499,275895,894
Iron Mountain Incorporated stock logo
Iron Mountain
20.0528.32$16.28 billion1.40 million1.38 millionInsider Selling
News Coverage
AptarGroup, Inc. stock logo
20.0933.09$7.51 billion294,911222,849Positive News
Cincinnati Financial Co. stock logo
Cincinnati Financial
20.23849.42$15.99 billion462,209485,597
Rush Enterprises, Inc. stock logo
Rush Enterprises
20.368.56$3.17 billion137,808170,784Positive News
Asbury Automotive Group, Inc. stock logo
Asbury Automotive Group
20.545.31$4.87 billion121,446236,210Positive News
PLDT Inc. stock logo
20.6326.51$4.92 billion40,49447,391
Alamos Gold Inc. stock logo
Alamos Gold
20.6951.48$4.89 billion1.27 million3.29 millionDividend Announcement
Options Volume
A. O. Smith Co. stock logo
A. O. Smith
20.7043.53$10.49 billion502,725982,904Analyst Revision
Carrier Global Co. stock logo
Carrier Global
20.8115.30$38.07 billion5.92 million5.07 millionDividend Announcement
Analyst Downgrade
Insider Selling
News Coverage
Arcos Dorados Holdings Inc. stock logo
Arcos Dorados
20.8512.33$1.90 billion685,958847,783
Ameren Co. stock logo
20.8519.99$22.00 billion1.09 million1.44 millionAnalyst Revision
Rush Enterprises, Inc. stock logo
Rush Enterprises
20.859.47$3.50 billion9,39314,335
Cognizant Technology Solutions Co. stock logo
Cognizant Technology Solutions
20.8513.82$31.62 billion3.32 million3.22 millionAnalyst Upgrade
Insider Selling
Analyst Revision
News Coverage
Mettler-Toledo International Inc. stock logo
Mettler-Toledo International
20.8632.82$28.53 billion158,642104,923Positive News
Monro, Inc. stock logo
20.9134.69$1.33 billion377,097314,816
Weyerhaeuser stock logo
20.9117.35$21.57 billion3.61 million3.70 million
Medtronic plc stock logo
20.9329.69$110.56 billion3.30 million5.92 millionAnalyst Revision
Group 1 Automotive, Inc. stock logo
Group 1 Automotive
20.975.20$3.48 billion88,670143,233Insider Selling
Analyst Revision
News Coverage
Deere & Company stock logo
Deere & Company
21.0812.71$111.64 billion1.25 million2.16 millionInsider Buying
Invesco Water Resources ETF stock logo
Invesco Water Resources ETF
21.0922.98$1.81 billion72,89189,872Positive News
Agilent Technologies, Inc. stock logo
Agilent Technologies
21.1325.50$33.88 billion1.98 million1.64 millionAnalyst Revision
Charter Communications, Inc. stock logo
Charter Communications
21.1310.76$51.32 billion814,1081.01 million
Lincoln Educational Services Co. stock logo
Lincoln Educational Services
21.3117.86$212.01 million70,600100,468
Qiagen stock logo
21.4829.41$10.35 billion639,632835,638
Syneos Health, Inc. stock logo
Syneos Health
21.4829.13$4.32 billion1.41 million3.58 million
iShares ESG MSCI EM Leaders ETF stock logo
iShares ESG MSCI EM Leaders ETF
21.5511.23$47.25 million3,1867,338Dividend Announcement
News Coverage
Sabine Royalty Trust stock logo
Sabine Royalty Trust
21.567.84$989.21 million61,49267,428Dividend Cut
Columbus McKinnon Co. stock logo
Columbus McKinnon
21.6624.39$1.19 billion72,10392,465Positive News
Eaton Co. plc stock logo
21.7729.22$74.87 billion1.56 million2.15 millionAnalyst Report
Insider Selling
TD Holdings, Inc. stock logo
21.805.40$94.15 million106,51172,456
UFP Technologies, Inc. stock logo
UFP Technologies
21.8027.43$1.28 billion111,82273,462Positive News
ALLETE, Inc. stock logo
21.8319.31$3.55 billion223,655239,424
Johnson & Johnson stock logo
Johnson & Johnson
21.9033.48$416.47 billion6.26 million5.98 million
How Technical Indicators Can Help You Find Oversold Stocks 

An oversold stock is one that trades at a price that is lower than its perceived intrinsic value. By definition, an oversold stock is one that analysts believe has the potential to rise in price.  

Just because a stock meets the criteria for being oversold does not necessarily mean it’s ready to over-perform. Rather it is a way for analysts to define the current state of supply and demand. Analysts seek to find the sweet spot between price (which is the dollar amount investors pay for a security) and value (what that security is actually worth).

In this article, we go deeper into the reasons a stock becomes oversold and the technical indicators that investors look at to identify oversold stocks. It also touches on the importance of conducting fundamental analysis that may confirm the technical trend for a stock.  

The most basic definition of intrinsic value is as an estimation of what a business is worth if the entire business and its assets were sold off. Intrinsic value is a measurement of a company’s financial performance based on its cash flow.  

Intrinsic value is different from the current stock price. Analysts use objective calculations or proprietary financial models. A common model used to calculate intrinsic value is the discounted cash flow formula.  

To use the discounted cash flow formula, investors must know three data points: 

  • The company’s estimated future cash flows
  • The discount rate (this is used to determine the present value of estimated future cash flows)
  • A terminal value (a method for valuing the company at the end of the cash flow estimate)

This can look intimidating for many investors who don’t have a finance background. However, many stock analysts will provide intrinsic values for a company.  

The primary limitation to calculating intrinsic value is that not every asset has an intrinsic value. For example commodities, such as gold and silver, don’t generate income so by cash flow models, they have no intrinsic value. The same is true of cryptocurrencies.  

Another limitation to intrinsic value occurs with companies that have limited revenue or profits. These companies have an intrinsic value, but there is a lack of confidence in estimates of future revenue and profits. That same lack of confidence will be a concern when calculating intrinsic value.  

Investors will look at both fundamental and technical indicators to identify an oversold stock. Fundamental analysts will look at metrics such as a company’s price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio in comparison to other companies within that sector or industry. They will also look at earnings reports that help describe the inner workings of a company including a review of their balance sheet for capital flows and debt levels.  

Negative News Events – This can include items such as a product recall or a lawsuit. For a biotech company, it can mean failing in a clinical trial.  

Negative Economic Reports – Every month, investors get a series of economic reports that provide directional clues to the health of the overall economy. These include retail sales data, information on housing starts, the consumer price index (CPI) and the producer price index (PCI) which provide data on inflation, and the monthly jobs report.  

Geopolitical Events - Wars, trade disputes, and issues such as financial sanctions or embargos can have an effect on individual stocks and/or entire sectors.  

Earnings Reports – While these can technically be considered news events, earnings reports are generally seen as an event unto themselves. Companies go to great lengths to prepare analysts and investors for bad news, but are not always successful.  

Change in Management – This can be bullish if a leader who is perceived to be ineffective is being replace. But if an effective leader is being replaced, it can cause investors to sell in expectation that the new leader will not be as effective in managing the company.  

A company’s price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio is a measure of how much it costs an investor to buy one dollar of a company’s profits. So a P/E of 25 means it will cost an investor $25 to buy one dollar of a company’s profits.  

In general, a lower P/E number means a stock could be oversold. However, investors should be less concerned about a company’s individual number and more concerned about how its number compares to other companies in its sector. They may also look at it compared to a benchmark index or with companies that have a similar market capitalization (market cap). A stock that is trading significantly lower than others in its sector may indicate that the stock is oversold.  

However, fundamental indicators, only get investors so far. Technical analysts will look at technical indicators that will help them confirm an oversold condition. One of the most common of these is the Relative Strength Indicator (RSI).

The RSI is a technical indicator that measures volatility. RSI is expressed as a ratio of the average upward movement to the average downward movement of a stock over a specific period of time, typically 14 days. The RSI attempts to reveal how committed buyers and sellers are to their positions.  

Like any index, the Relative Strength Index is only as good as its benchmarks. In this case, investors typically pay attention to the numbers 30 and 70. An RSI below 30 is seen as an oversold indicator. When a stock is in a downtrend, sellers will outnumber buyers meaning the index will show more lows than highs. 

Traders use charting software to overlay the RSI, along with other technical indicators, on a daily chart. Here are some additional technical indicators that traders use with the RSI to identify oversold stocks: 

Candlestick Patterns – Displaying a daily chart using a candlestick pattern tells traders a story of price movement by both the shape and shading of the candle. Because they are useful in identifying potential changes in market direction, accurate interpretation of a candlestick pattern can provide confirmation for an RSI level. 

Bollinger Bands – these are bands that are plotted one standard deviation above and one standard deviation below a security’s exponential moving average. A security that is selling near the low end of the lower Bollinger band and has a low RSI is usually considered oversold.  

Fibonacci Retracement Levels – A Fibonacci retracement level is identified by taking an extreme high and low on a stock chart and dividing the distance between the two (visually this will be the vertical distance) by the key Fibonacci ratios (23.6%, 38.2%, 50%, 61.8%, and 100%). These levels will then be defined on a chart by horizontal lines that indicate potential areas of support and resistance. It is unclear why the Fibonacci ratios are such a consistent predictor of stock price movement only that they are.  

Moving Average Convergence/Divergence Oscillator (MACD) – The moving average convergence/ divergence oscillator shows the relationship between two exponential moving averages (EMAs). The most common moving averages used are the 26-day moving average as the longer average and the 12-day moving average as the shorter average. By subtracting the longer average from the shorter average, the MACD displays both the trend of the price action for the underlying security as well as the momentum of buying and selling activity. The companion to the MACD line is a signal line which is the 9-day EMA for the asset being used. The MACD is a momentum oscillator that moves above or below a center line (also called a zero line). Traders will look for signal line crossovers, center line crossovers, and divergences between the MACD line as triggers for buying (bullish divergence) and selling (bearish divergence). 

What Are the Limitations to Using Technical Indicators to Find Oversold Stocks? 

  • A turnaround may not be immediate – Stocks don’t move in the same direction all the time, but when a stock becomes oversold, it can stay that way for a long time. That may not be an obstacle for a long-term investor, but traders will want to use other indicators to confirm a reversal is imminent.
  • Investor sentiment is an imperfect metric – To put it simply, investors aren’t always rational. That means that a fundamentally sound company may see its stock continue to fall in price due to the “madness of crowds” effect.
  • The definition of an oversold stock is subjective – Technical indicators offer one data point, but analysts may disagree on what it’s actually saying about the fortunes of a stock.
  • Sometimes a stock is oversold for a reason – Technical indicators can show you the what, but not the why. It’s important for investors to perform their own due diligence to ensure they are not trying to catch a falling knife.

When a stock is oversold, analysts mean that its price has gone too far in a negative direction. They base this on both fundamental and technical indicators that suggest that the stock is now trading at a discount to its intrinsic value. When confirmed with other trading signals, an oversold stock can be a buying signal.

To determine an oversold condition, investors will use both fundamental and technical analysis. Some fundamental metrics that will be used include the price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio, earnings reports and a company’s balance sheet. This may be sufficient for long-term investors.

On the other hand, traders, particularly day traders, will look at technical indicators to help them define their trading strategies. One of the most common indicators is the Relative Strength Index (RSI) which helps to show the momentum and volatility surrounding price movement. When the RSI is used with other technical indicators it can provide further confirmation of oversold conditions.

However, just because the RSI shows an oversold condition does not mean the stock is certain to rise in price. Stocks can rise and/or fall for reasons that defy market expectations.

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